Kotor 2 - Part 1

I am simply bored, so I'm whiffing this post up. Keep in mind I'm not a Star Wars fanatic - I simply enjoy the games, and the earlier post about Republic Commando and this post being posted 2 days apart is just a coincidence.

Now. The game. Bioware's always been known for great games. Almost all of it's games have come out of the crop as celebrated games - ones that get rave reviews by lots of game sites (keep in mind, I'm not reviewing the game, just talking about some minor details that don't too often get into major companies' reviews) Bioware is just plain ahead of the others. But that's not the point. Bioware didn't make this game. Obsidian Entertainment, a new company formed after Interplay Studios filed for Chapter 11 and closed down.

Bioware was another company formed from the ashes of Interplay. Now, being occupied on Jade Empire and (maybe) Dragon Age, they refused LucasArt's offer to make KOTOR II. Being modest, they recommended Obsidian. Keep in mind Obsidian had never developed a game before KOTOR II (not that I know of), but most of the developers have had tremendous experience being with Interplay. With that being noted, I'll start on the game now.

Open the game, you see an your typical game loading screen. Click New Game, and set up your character. Everything is almost the same, except the fact that you start out being one of the typical Jedi classes - Guardian, Sentinel, or Consular. In KOTOR I, you started out as a run-of-the-mill Republic soldier, and on your second planet (Dantooine) you would become a Jedi. The beginning captures the suspence KOTOR I had at its beginning, always with enemies around the corner waiting to kill you - especially when the Sith assassins start attacking you. KOTOR II's beginning is long and complicated compared to typical games, but that's a good thing. I can't exactly explain it, but if you play, you'll get what I mean.

Too lazy to continue this, so I'll probably write up a Part 2 tomorrow.


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