Star Wars: Republic Commando

Well, this is my first informative post. If you do not care for games, then just do not read it. That simple. I do not even know why I am posting this. Or maintaining this blog. Oh, and one thing - go search on Google if you don't understand the words I use. Or as 99.99931415926535% of the readers (which is 0) would do is brush it off and say, "DAMN, this kid sucks." Most of this stuff will be random thoughts, and unless you have time, don't read this.

Ok...Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Name: Star Wars: Republic Commando
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Release Date: 03/01/05

Well...system requirements for this game have really reached the limits of my graphics card. Thank god this game still looks good without Pixel Shader 1.1. My video card...from MadDog Multimedia is an (modified) GeForce MX4000 with 128MB. And damn, that is old. Republic Commando still runs smoothly on it, though. V-Sync obviously doesn't matter, since I've set refresh rate to 60hz. For Republic Commando to run 60 fps on my computer would be a miracle.

So um, the gameplay. It's a standard FPS, except for the fact you're the leader of an elite squad clone thingy. They basically just shoot with you. Sometimes, you'll need to slice a computer or blow apart something. Then they actually become useful. AI is a little stupid sometimes with following you. Your squad becomes trapped in another room (they don't bother to try to open the door, they just wait) when you go too fast ahead of them. And when you kill someone up close, their guts splatter all over your helmet and you hafta wait a few seconds for it to wipe off. Even robots splatter guts - what the hell? I know it's part of the gameplay, but it just gets so friggin annoying after a while.

One thing I like with RC is the weapons. You use a DC-17 gun, I think. Your main weapons are actually just attachments for it - I recall sniper, anti-armor, wierd bomb thingy attachments. Ammo runs out very quickly, and ammunition is sparse in most areas.

And that's it - just a few comments on the game.
Ok, I've realized I've been typing too much.


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