About a year ago, I think, a wild cat showed up in our neighborhood. It went around all the houses, looking for some leftovers of chicken and fish (that's what it likes the most, I think.) When it came to our house, I was always generous. It became a habit for me to give some of yesterday's leftovers.

Bad idea. We've never had a chance to see if it was a boy or a girl - it never let us get close. Today we know, however - it had a litter of kittens today. It's been really whiny these past couple of weeks - begging for food a lot more than normal. So...uhh...today it was really irritated, I guess from the way it was meowing every millisecond. I knew it was about to...yeah...

At least it's only one more cat.


In other news...I've tried to learn HTML...never got around to it ever. CSS is a tiny bit similar to C/C++.
I am trying to figure out if Japanese scientists really did placed explosives of Loch Ness to blow Nessie out of the water.
I have just discovered that BitComet is the best Bittorrent program. Ever.
Funny crap -

Viet: Wait...what's "a low-lying region"? [It was social studies]
Me: The crotch, dude.

Some guy on AIM that I don't know: do u play any instruments?
Me: Yeah.
Me: The armpit.
Me: takes a lot of practice, you know.


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